Competent Communicator Project 2-Buy Experience, Not Stuff (Organize your Speech)

After working so hard for a whole year, I guess we all deserve some thing new to treat ourselves. Right? What would you buy? (Wait for response...)Actually I bought myself 2 presents at the end of the year 2014.

The first one I bought is necklace I am wearing today. It is from Swarovski. I have several necklace already, but you know, ladies always lack of a necklace in their jewelry box. And this one is so shiny and beautiful that I want to buy it at the first sight. I ask my friend bring me one back from Korea, because it is much cheaper there. It cost me about 600RMB.

The other one I bought for myself is a skiing experience. I have always wanted to try skiing for a long time. So I planned the skiing holiday with 2 friends. It also cost me 600RMB. It was an adventure. The first 1 hour , I kept falling down immediately after I stood up. I was really embarrassed and helpless. But it was also a lot of fun. I tried really hard not to laugh at the other beginners as they fell down even more tragically than me..After 1 hour or so, I improved quickly and cached my balance. I finally learnt how to ski on my own and I felt extremely pleased and satisfied with myself.