Competent Communicator Project 5-Start your own business(Your body Speaks)

Almost everyone has some entrepreneurial spirit, and with that, Many people are dreaming of starting their own business. Why? Because you can be your own boss, and the captain of your destiny. Is it hard? Without a doubt. Is it challenging? Absolutely. But do you have to be wealthy and well-educated to start a small business? Ur...Let me tell you my story.

It was a summer semester of my junior year in college. there was no compulsory courses and most of us only have about 3 optional courses to take. So most of the time, there was nothing going on. Many students were idling around in the dormitory, sleeping, playing video games, watching TV shows all day, without stepping out of their dorm room. And, there was basically nothing around the campus, I really mean nothing, only farmland and a small village. The dinning hall is the only dinning option. one day I was having lunch with my high school classmate in her college in the urban area, we ordered sushi. Suddenly an idea popped into my mind, How about I sell sushi in the campus? After getting back to school, I searched online to find out how to make sushi. It seemed so easy. So I said to my roommates, let's do something! Let's start a business! Then I told them my idea. Then Min told me that: You are crazy! Don't be ridiculous. You are gonna get into trouble. Then she patted on my shoulder and walked away. Dingding and Jolie told me that it was a brilliant idea. And they were thrilled to join in. So they became my teammates. Then we came out a work plan.

First, we summarized all the ingredients and tools needed to buy. And as students with conscience, we sticked to buy the best ingredients as we can get.
Then, we tried to come up a special name for our brand...To be honest, I totally forgot the name for our business, but I do remember there is a message in our advertisement, it said: you can only be fooled once. 劝君上当,上当一回。
Last but not the least, we decided everyone's role and responsibility. I was assigned to be the CTO, chief technology officer, er.. the cook. Dingding was selected to be the CFO, chief financial officer and the sales representative, as she is the most beautiful girl in our department, and absolutely have the most influence to all her admirers. Jolie, a dance and outdoor activities lover, the COO, chief operating office, in charge of purchasing and delivery.

After 2 days of preparation, we officially started our meal delivery business. I remembered the first few days, we had no customer and we felt so awkward to call our classmates to buy our meal...But with time going on, there came out stronger demand than we expected. We became so busy that we have to hire a guy to help us to delivery. And we have to get up very early to prepared the food. It was so common that we skipped lunch or just had a bite of sushi. Even so, in the rush hours, we got complains and order cancels from time to time because there were too many orders. But all in all, everything went smoothly, until one day, our COO Jolie came in and said: I want to quit!!! Dingding and I were like, what? Are you kidding? Jolie said with a crying tone : 'You don't know how hard it is to avoid the dorm security in the dorm. I have been followed by them for at least five times. If I were Stefanie (point at me), I must already been caught! I am worried about being punished by the school. 'Dingding said: ' but we are starting to have more and more customers and make more and more money, are you really want to quit?' Jolie said: 'money is not my first priority, the graduate certificate is! And I am so tired running in and out hundreds of time a day. It is not fun at all! ' After discussion over and over, we decided to end up our business after running it for 20 days.

Looking back, at that time, we don't know what exactly is entrepreneurship, we don't know much about marketing, finance, strategy, and we didn't have much money, but we made it a successful small business. We earned about 4000RMB. It was not a small money for us at that time. And more importantly, it has became a cherished memory to all of us.

See, you don't have to be wealthy and well educated to start a small business, from my experience, the best way to start a business is simple: just do it!

Toastmasters Speech 5: Your Body Speaks


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