C1 Speech evaluation

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Dear members, guests and Selina, good morning. I am really honored to be the evaluator of Selina's C1 speech- Ice Breaking. And it is also my very first evaluation speech. I am also very excited. Before my evaluation, I'd like to get some feedbacks from all of you. After Selina's speech, if you have a better understanding about Selina, please raise your hands.....So,Congratulations, Selina, you have successfully reach your C1 speech objective, that is to let others know you better. Well done. let's give her a big applause.

There are 2 things I really like in Selina's speech. First, there is a sound structure in her speech. In the opening part, she introduced herself briefly. In the body part, Selina shared with us 2 stories as the supporting material to her main points. In the conclusion she emphasized her key points that she was an warmhearted and optimistic girl. It's very clear structured.. The other shinning point is that, Selina stood on the stage very confidently and looked very calm. It showed that she had made adequate preparation for the speech. Also, she made very good eye contact with the audience, and engaged the audience well.

If there is any suggestions that I can give to Selina, I think here is 2 areas you can improve upon. Firstly, you can speaker a little bit loudly, so the audience sit in the back of the meeting room can hear you more clearly. Secondly, I noticed that there are some inappropriate usage of language in your speech. For example, I follow my heart. The book help me a lot. You should say I followed my heart..blabla..Please pay more attention to the grammar and time tenses next time.

All in all, Selina, I really like your speech. And I look forward to hearing your C2 speech next time! Thank you. Back to Toastmaster of the day.


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