Competent Communicator Project 6-Disable Moments on Wechat(Vocal Variety)

3 weeks ago, I had an "aha! moment." I disable Moment on my Wechat. Why? Because I am mad of myself. I found that I can't help checking Moments from time to time, just in case someone has said something important, or simply because I 'm bored sometime. I didn't make a big deal about leaving the site. There was no, "I am going to leave Moment, so say your goodbyes." Instead, I just deactivated it without telling anyone.

Dear Toastmasters and guests, now 3 weeks has passed by, Guess what happened?

Before I tell you what I found out. I want to have a quick survey. Does anyone here notice that I have disabled Moments and stop following you on wechat? Ok, that's the first thing I found out. No one cares if I follow him on wechat. I can't become part of people's life only by following them on wechat. These social networks are supposed to help you connect and share with people in your life. But sarcastically they are not that sociable...If you really want to deepen or strengthen your friendships with someone, the best way is to make a real phone call or invite him/her out. Well, one good news though, you are not obliged to giving likes whenever you see a new post.

The second thing I found out is that, I feel happier about my life. Before, there are always posts of friends eating in fancy restaurants or enjoying exotic trips and exciting events. Sometimes, it make me feel that I'm a failure with hardly any highlights in my life. It cause me some kind of anxiety of being left out. Even though I know that I see the best side of everyone's life in a fragmented way. I shouldn't judge my own realities accordingly. But you can't stop comparisons sometimes. After I disable moment for weeks, I found that I no longer wonder what others are doing. I no longer want to compare or expect anything from anyone. Thank God. I don't have to bear those annoying posts either. Such as if-you-don't-share-this-bad-things-will-happen links. Posts like 'If I get 32 'like's, I will get a chance to stay in Holiday Inn' for one night. Give me likes, please ...Sounds so familiar? Oops... I did that once...Thank you guys for not hiding or unfriending me. Anyway, by leaving Moments, I feel more happiness, joy and peace.

The last but not the least , I found out I have more time enjoying real life. How many times did I use to check Moments in a single day? Maybe 6 times. Now, let's say I spent an average of 5 minutes reading the posts. That means I lost half an hour every day just on Moments! After I disable Moments, I found out that not only I gained this 30min. But also I gradually spent less and less time looking at my phone.I have more time living my life, developing my hobbies.

In summary, disabling Moments got me realize that I don't need to know what's going on in that many people's lives. I gained more inner peace and happiness. I have more time enjoying real life.

Now, dear friends, are you willing to disable Moments on your wechat? If so, good for you! If not, I have a few words for you, aspired by Sheldon Copper "The need to keep checking out other people's posts is now puzzling me, maybe because I'm so interesting all by myself . With that being said, may you find as much happiness on Moments, as I find on my own' Thank you.


Toastmasters Speech 6 introduction:Vocal Variety


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