Toastmaster of the Day-PDTMC 735th Meeting


Opening Remarks & The Toast
Good morning. Mr President, Fellow Toastmasters and Guests. Welcome to Pudong Toastmaster Club 735th Meeting. I am Stefanie and I am very happy to be your Toastmaster of the day. It is my responsibility to bring you through the meeting properly today.

Today's meeting theme is fall. I don't know about you. But I love fall! In Shanghai, the spring season is very short, the summer is very hot, the winter very cold while the fall is full of magnificent colors. During this season, all the leaves from the trees change into multi-colored works of art and fall away. And fall is one of the most packed holiday seasons.It's a great time to go hiking,camping, go on a road trip or anything else you can spend quality time with family and friends.

Now we can feel from the weather that fall is just around the corner! It's the time to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. So I'd like to propose a toast, to 'the season of harvest-Fall'.

Introducing the General Evaluation Team
The General Evaluator is probably the most challenging role in our meeting. He will evaluate everything that takes place throughout the meeting. Our GE today is an distinguished guest from People's Square Toastmaster Club. He has been with Toastmasters for 2.5 years. He has severed as many officer roles. And he is now the VPE of People's Square Toastmaster Club.
Please join me to welcome Logan on the stage.

Introducing the Table Topic Master
Now, Let's get start the most challenging and exciting session: Table Topic. Dear guests, If you want to be a member of our club. Please don't miss the chance to stand on the stage and express yourself! Today's table topic master is a new member of our club. She just delivered her C1 speech last time. I am really impressed that she has lived and visited so many countries. She love traveling, delicious food and chatting up with strangers when traveling ! Let's welcome today's table topic master: Dorothy!

Thanks Dorothy for taking us back to the beautiful memories of fall. (blabla..)

Introducing the Sharing Session
Today, we have a special session, feature sharing! This session is shared by a handsome young man, who is also known as the 'Talking Machine'. He's the past president of our club. And he used to complete his 10 CC speeches within 4 months. He is really excel in English and public speaking. Today he will share with us some basic principle of debating. Please put our hands together to welcome Fistan.

Introducing VPM for Guest Talk
Next, Our VPM Ella will lead us through the guest talk session. Let's welcome Ellie.

Break Session
Now what? Let's have a 10 mins break and mingle around. Please be back by XX.

Introducing Prepared Speech Session
Welcome back! For today's meeting, we only got 2 prepared speech.
The first speech today is a C4 speech. The speaker is a beautiful lady, who like running and belly dancing. She is also the past treasure of our club. I wonder what stories she is going to share with us today. Before I invite Daisy on the stage, could I invite her evaluator Lisa to read the C4 objectives? Thank you Lisa. Let's welcome Daisy!

Our next and last speaker is our current VPE, she was also the past president of our club. She is an elegant and passionate lady. She works in the biggest video-sharing company in China. You must know that I am talking about Ellie Qin. Today she is advancing her speech journey to A10 this week! Before her speech, I would like to invite her evaluator Snow Shi to tell us the A10 objectives. Thank you Snow. Let's welcome Ellie!

After Each Speech
Briefly summarized what the speaker said/ give a short comments. e.g. Thanks for your speech/sharing. It is quite impressive/interesting/useful. Fistan just convinced us that debating is not about winning, it's about sharing ideas. He also taught us the 3 phases of debating preparing, blabla..

Introducing Individual Evaluation Session
The next session is the individual evaluation session. The first evaluator is Lisa Liu. When I ask her how should I introduce her on the stage. She said no need to introduce me, people know me:)
To evaluate Ellie's speech. We have a seasoned member who is very dedicated to our club. He is a general manager in a international motor company. Let's put our hands together to welcome Snow!

Vote for the best table topic speaker and evaluator
We shall now vote for the best table topics speaker and evaluator. All guests and members are eligible to cast their votes. Please fill up the voting slips and the SAA will go round collecting the votes.

Introducing the General Evaluation Team to Deliver Report
Next I'd like to invite our GE team to come to the stage again and deliver their report based on their observation. Let's be all ears!
Thanks Logan for coming to our meeting and giving us so many useful suggestions. We have benefit a lot from that.

Closing Remarks(5min)
Today we had a very fruitful and fully-participated meeting. (summarized the highlights of the meeting) Thank you for your hard work.We really enjoy a lot of laughters today. Let's give ourselves a big round of applause.

Give Control Back to the President
We shall now invite our President to deliver the closing address.


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