Competent Communicator Project 7- MBTI: Understand Self an Others(Research your Topic)


Good morning, dear friends. I believe many of you have heard about MBTI. It is the most widely used personality indicator in the world. Approximately 2 million people complete the MBTI each year.
Why it is so popular? Because, we are different and we see the world differently. It can help us understand differences between people so we can love, work better together, and be happy.
According to the theory you only need to make four steps to understand yourself or any person.


The first step is figuring out the direction you focusing your attention and energy. Are you an extravert or introvert? The E type is focusing on the outside world: people, things, actions. While the I type is focusing on the internal world: : concepts, ideas, feelings. The extravert is usually expressive, appear friendly and open. E is energetic and prefers to act. E prefer to be surrounded by people. Introvert people, can appear quiet and reserved (contained) They like to keep matters to themselves. They want time to be alone, need peace and quiet. They keep energy and enthusiasm inside. Where do you focus your attention and energy? You can write down your Self-Estimate now.


The second step is figuring out the way we take in information. S focuses on the present: current events and facts. N focuses on the future: new opportunities and ideas. S trusts what he/she sees, hears, and senses.S is good at noticing details.S prefers to see numbers and tables. S tends to do what is practical .N tends to listen to subconscious. N is good at seeing the perspective. N prefers to do what is innovative. How do you prefer to take in information? Please write down your preference now.


The third step is figuring out the way you make decisions. Are you prefer to thinking or feeling. T makes decisions objectively, using logic. F makes decisions subjectively, using feeling. T can look stern and cold. T makes conclusions based on logical analysis. T convince others through factual and impersonal arguments. F may look tender hearted. F appreciates peace and harmony in relations. F convinces others through personal influence. How do you make decisions? Please decide for yourself which you prefer and write down your self-assessment now.

The last step is figuring out the way we act in the outer world. J acts according to a plan, consistent. P acts according to a situation flexible and impulsive . J performs better with a plan. J needs clear structure and order. J prefers to organize and to complete the tasks. P prefers to “keep the door open” and postpone decision making. P is ready for uncertainties and last minute changes. P needs flexibility and choice. So, How do you act in the outer world? Are you P or J?


So, in summary, there are 8 preferences in 4 directions. In order to make it easy to remember, I summarized these into 8 Chinese characters. Please take few seconds and think about these. It may not be accurate, but it helps me remember.
Now, are you have a better idea about who are you?
Because I only have 7 minute today, so I didn't go very deep. But if you are interested to know more, you can find more information on this website and on my personal blog. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have after the meeting.
Thank you. I hope you have enjoyed your session learning about MBTI. Back to TMD.

PS: The ppt was downloaded from the internet. The original author is Elena Lustina.

Toastmasters Speech 7:Research Your Topic

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