General Evaluator Script_Toastmasters

This is a script you can use if you are general evaluator for your next Toastmasters meeting.


Thank you very much. Toastmaster of the day, fellow Toastmasters and honored guests. As General Evaluator for this meeting, I will be observing the meeting, making notes, and offering evaluation reports at the end of the meeting. In addition, I have a team who will be assisting me in these duties.

I would like to introduce my team now and ask each of them to come on the stage and briefly describe the role they will be performing today.

Grammarian, could you come on the stage and describe your role?

I would now like to introduce our Ah-counter, XX, would you please describe your role?

Timer, would you please come to the front and and describe the timing rules?

[Lead the applause; shake hands as you turn control of the lectern to the team.]

At the end of the meeting, I will give my evaluation report. I now return the meeting to our Toastmaster of the Day.

[Lead the applause; shake hands as you turn control of the lectern to the TMD]


The Cat That Lived a Million Times - Storytelling Project 1: The Folk Tale

Dear Toastmasters and most welcome guests,

How many lives do you think a cat could have? (wait a sec for response) Yeah, people say that cat have 9 lives. But today I am going to tell a story about a cat who have lived million times.


Once upon a time, there was a tiger striped cat. He was a king's cat. The king was great at war, and was always at war. He loved the cat. He put the cat in a beautiful cage and took him to war. One day, the cat was hit by a flying arrow and died. The king cried and cried. He stopped the war and buried the cat in the garden of his castle.

Soon after, the cat was reborn. This time, he was a sailor's cat. The sailor loved the cat. He took the cat to all the seas of the world, and all the ports of the world. One day, the cat fell off the boat. The cat could not swim and died. The sailor embraced the cat and wailed in a loud voice. And, he buried the cat under the tree in a far-away port.

Soon after, the cat was reborn. This time, he was a magician's cat. The magician loved the cat. He worked in a circus. The magician put the cat inside a box everyday and cut the box in half with a saw. Then, he removed the cat, still in one piece. He received applause in every performance. One day, the magician made a mistake, he really cut the cat in half. The magician wailed in a loud voice. And, he buried the cat behind the circus tent.

Soon after, the cat was reborn again. This time, the cat was the cat of a lonely grandmother. The grandmother loved the cat. She looked outside everyday from a small window, holding the cat in her arms. The cat was asleep all the day on the top of the grandmother's lap. Time passed, and the cat died of old age. The grandmother embraced the cat and cried all day. The grandmother buried the cat under a tree in the yard.

Soon after, the cat was reborn again. This time, the cat was a little girl's cat. The girl piggy-backed the cat and slept with the cat. When she cried, she wiped her tears on the cat's back. One day, the holster to keep the cat secure wound around the cat's neck and the cat died. The girl cried all day and buried the cat under a tree in the yard.

The cat had no fear of dying. Year after year, the cat died a million times, and reborn a million times. A million people adored the cat, And a million people cried when that cat died.
However, the cat never cried, not even once.


Toastmasters Club Contest Scripts

It’s CONTEST TIME! This year, I worked as the contest chair for our club and realized there was so much to do to ensure the event run smoothly...

Here is a contest script to let you konw what to say as a contest chair.


Open The Contest
Good morning, Fellow Toastmasters, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Pudong Toastmasters Club Spring Speech Contest. My name is Stefanie. It’s my honor to be the contest chair today. I remembered about 1 year ago, after I completed my C6 speech, one of our officer Amy smiled to me and said : You speech is wonderful today. I see something in you. You should participate in our Speech contest. Really? Should I? On the way back home, I was thinking about what Amy said, and my thoughts were bouncing between dreaming about such a new experience and the internal resistance within me. In the end, I gave up this opportunity because I was fear of the unknown and going outside of my comfort zone. Now one more year has passed by, I am still lack of the guts and courage to stand on the stage and compete with others. So, all the contestants, you are my heroes today. You should also be the hero of yourself for making the right decision of competing on the stage. Let’s give you a big round of applause.

To allow us to have a smooth competition, all the audience, please to do me a favor.
Check your cell phone, and ensure it is in silent mode or vibration mode.
Do not take photo or record without the permission from the constant.
Once the contest Do not walk in/out, during a speech. You can move during the silence between speeches.

Now, let me introduce the general contest rules, contestants, timers, and judges, please pay attention.
1.Speaking Area
All contestants shall speak within the same area, you can use the area up to this wall, up to this door, back to the wall, before to the desk.

2.Timing rules
For International and Mandarin speech, it shall be 5 to 7 minutes. Contestants who speak less than 4’30”, or more than 7’”30 will be disqualified.
The green card will be displayed at 5’, till 6’
The yellow card will be displayed at 6’, till 7’.
The red card will be displayed at 7’, remains on until speech concluded.


Competent Communicator Project 10- How to find a job you love

Dear fellow Toastmasters and wellcome guests,

Before I start my speech, I want to do 3 quick surveys here. If your answer is 'Yes', Please raise your hand.

Do you love your job?

Do you think that your job match to your passion?

Have you heard this career advice' fellow your passion and the money will follow?

Ok. Thank you.

Let's talk about my 3rd survey first. I believe many of your must have heard about Steven Jobs Stanford commencement. There is one point that people got really excited about: "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. "


I have to admit that when I first heard this few years ago, I was so excited while worried. Because it sounds so right yet I can't figure out what I am really passionate about. I don't know what jobs fit for me.

After graduation, I was lucky enough to find a pretty good job. The position is called career development program or management trainee. I have the opportunity to rotate in 3 different positions before get to know what I really love.

Guess what? After 3 different positions, the perfect 'right' job is still nowhere. I was so concerned about trying to find the magic perfect job match to my passion that none of my 3 assignments really counts.


Competent Communicator Project 10- Are you a Generalist, Specialist or T-shaped individual?

图片 1.png

Dear Toastmasters and most welcomed guest, good morning!

About 5 years ago, I graduated and got my first job as a management trainee in an industrial gas company. We have a program called "career development program(CDP program)", which means each management trainee has 3 years rotation in 3 different positions. My first year or my first assignment is analytical engineer, my daily responsibility is to deal with analytical instruments to insure the product quality. (This is the plant I used to work for 3 months in Wuhu). I have a very good boss, who is very professional and work extremely hard. He gave me various technical training and always share with me good career advice he believed in. He wanted me to drill more deeply into technical field and be a professional analytical engineer. He said that many people are above average at anything, but nothing really stands out. These people are easily replaced and usually not highly paid. You should have a unique skill to make yourself irreplaceable and more valuable.

This terrified me. Yet, I am not sure whether this path makes sense.

What if...I don't have any world class skills? What if...this is not what I truly want to do for the rest of my life? What if...I don't want to be a specialist? What if...there are a lot of other jobs I want to seriously try on?

So I moved on and rotated to my 2 assignment, in external partnership group. My duty is to identify and build technology partnership with top universities, institute and state owned companies. And coordinated with technology transfer and new business development. (This is 2 pics we visited SCUST and Zhejiang Univ) This is a more diverse and exciting assignment. And my boss is a great guy. He taught me a lot and we collaborated fairly well. Now sounds perfect, ha?So I decided to choose this as my permanent job and rolled out of the CDP program.

Well, after a year or so, I feel frustrated again. Why? Because I realized that I was on a path to become a generalist- 'A jack of all trades and master of none', to quote a common saying.' I seem to know a little about everything, but possess no deep, technical skills. I became the person who is easily replaceable.

I need a change. I choose to specialize...well, in what?


Competent Communicator Project 9- Be a Lifelong Learner(Persuade with Power)


For the first twenty years or so of my life, I was told that main “job” is learning. The bulk of my time is spent in classrooms acquiring new knowledge. And then, after I step out of school, I was told that once finished my formal education, that my goal is to find a good job, buy a big apartment and earn more money. Have you ever thought about how odd that idea is? That only a quarter of our lives should be devoted to learning, and that the purpose of learning is just to get a job and make a living?

Actually, after graduation, I found the real world just began. I never stop learning in work. I keep learning about technical staff to perform my job, I keep learning communication skills and presentation skills to make myself be heard. I never stop learning in life either. I continue learning new things about myself, others and the world around me every single day. I used to think I would get wiser and smarter as I got older. But there are always new problems in life that I never thought I would had. And to me, learning is not just to make a living. It brings a lot more than money and job. As I learn new skills, I enjoy the positive feeling that comes with mastery, and I am more satisfied with myself. Learning opens new doors and broaden my horizon. And I also find myself with a renewed sense of purpose in life.

Now you may ask, what should we learn? The answer is you can learn anything. Compare your current skills, knowledge, and experience with your desired level of skills, knowledge, and experience. Identify the gap and draw up a learning plan to meet it. For example, each year I set 2-3 big learning goals. For example, this year my goals are to learn drawing for fun, to learn basic knowledge of law for my career, to learn Japanese for my next trip.


Competent Communicator Project 8-What is Intellectual Property (Visual Aids)


Dear Toastmasters and distinguished guests, have you heard about the word 'intellectual property' or 'IP' ? (wait for response) Yeah, of course.

In today's knowledge economy, intellectual property is very important. Start-up companies use IP in order to protect themselves from large industrial competitors copying their products. Large companies also use IP in order to reap the benefits of their investments. If there were no IP protection, then competitors could offer the same products or service at a lower price because they didn't invest in research and development.

So what is IP anyway? IP refers to creation of the mind. Patents, Copyright, Trademarks, Trade secrets are different forms of IP.


Today I would like to talk about the 4 major forms of IP. The first form of IP is patent. Patents are granted for technical inventions only. They must be applied for at a patent office. (Patent applications are examined in a process that may result in the refusal or grant of a patent.) Patents normally last for a maximum of 20 years from the date of filing.

Maybe some of you are familiar with Gorilla Glass, which is the best-selling product of Corning. Corning has filed many patents on gorilla glass, including the product, the process, the equipment and the use of the product. It brought billions of dollars revenue for Corning last year.


Competent Communicator Project 7- MBTI: Understand Self an Others(Research your Topic)


Good morning, dear friends. I believe many of you have heard about MBTI. It is the most widely used personality indicator in the world. Approximately 2 million people complete the MBTI each year.
Why it is so popular? Because, we are different and we see the world differently. It can help us understand differences between people so we can love, work better together, and be happy.
According to the theory you only need to make four steps to understand yourself or any person.


The first step is figuring out the direction you focusing your attention and energy. Are you an extravert or introvert? The E type is focusing on the outside world: people, things, actions. While the I type is focusing on the internal world: : concepts, ideas, feelings. The extravert is usually expressive, appear friendly and open. E is energetic and prefers to act. E prefer to be surrounded by people. Introvert people, can appear quiet and reserved (contained) They like to keep matters to themselves. They want time to be alone, need peace and quiet. They keep energy and enthusiasm inside. Where do you focus your attention and energy? You can write down your Self-Estimate now.


Toastmaster of the Day-PDTMC 735th Meeting


Opening Remarks & The Toast
Good morning. Mr President, Fellow Toastmasters and Guests. Welcome to Pudong Toastmaster Club 735th Meeting. I am Stefanie and I am very happy to be your Toastmaster of the day. It is my responsibility to bring you through the meeting properly today.

Today's meeting theme is fall. I don't know about you. But I love fall! In Shanghai, the spring season is very short, the summer is very hot, the winter very cold while the fall is full of magnificent colors. During this season, all the leaves from the trees change into multi-colored works of art and fall away. And fall is one of the most packed holiday seasons.It's a great time to go hiking,camping, go on a road trip or anything else you can spend quality time with family and friends.

Now we can feel from the weather that fall is just around the corner! It's the time to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. So I'd like to propose a toast, to 'the season of harvest-Fall'.

Introducing the General Evaluation Team
The General Evaluator is probably the most challenging role in our meeting. He will evaluate everything that takes place throughout the meeting. Our GE today is an distinguished guest from People's Square Toastmaster Club. He has been with Toastmasters for 2.5 years. He has severed as many officer roles. And he is now the VPE of People's Square Toastmaster Club.
Please join me to welcome Logan on the stage.

Introducing the Table Topic Master
Now, Let's get start the most challenging and exciting session: Table Topic. Dear guests, If you want to be a member of our club. Please don't miss the chance to stand on the stage and express yourself! Today's table topic master is a new member of our club. She just delivered her C1 speech last time. I am really impressed that she has lived and visited so many countries. She love traveling, delicious food and chatting up with strangers when traveling ! Let's welcome today's table topic master: Dorothy!

Thanks Dorothy for taking us back to the beautiful memories of fall. (blabla..)


Competent Communicator Project 6-Disable Moments on Wechat(Vocal Variety)

3 weeks ago, I had an "aha! moment." I disable Moment on my Wechat. Why? Because I am mad of myself. I found that I can't help checking Moments from time to time, just in case someone has said something important, or simply because I 'm bored sometime. I didn't make a big deal about leaving the site. There was no, "I am going to leave Moment, so say your goodbyes." Instead, I just deactivated it without telling anyone.

Dear Toastmasters and guests, now 3 weeks has passed by, Guess what happened?

Before I tell you what I found out. I want to have a quick survey. Does anyone here notice that I have disabled Moments and stop following you on wechat? Ok, that's the first thing I found out. No one cares if I follow him on wechat. I can't become part of people's life only by following them on wechat. These social networks are supposed to help you connect and share with people in your life. But sarcastically they are not that sociable...If you really want to deepen or strengthen your friendships with someone, the best way is to make a real phone call or invite him/her out. Well, one good news though, you are not obliged to giving likes whenever you see a new post.

The second thing I found out is that, I feel happier about my life. Before, there are always posts of friends eating in fancy restaurants or enjoying exotic trips and exciting events. Sometimes, it make me feel that I'm a failure with hardly any highlights in my life. It cause me some kind of anxiety of being left out. Even though I know that I see the best side of everyone's life in a fragmented way. I shouldn't judge my own realities accordingly. But you can't stop comparisons sometimes. After I disable moment for weeks, I found that I no longer wonder what others are doing. I no longer want to compare or expect anything from anyone. Thank God. I don't have to bear those annoying posts either. Such as if-you-don't-share-this-bad-things-will-happen links. Posts like 'If I get 32 'like's, I will get a chance to stay in Holiday Inn' for one night. Give me likes, please ...Sounds so familiar? Oops... I did that once...Thank you guys for not hiding or unfriending me. Anyway, by leaving Moments, I feel more happiness, joy and peace.